Discover Various types of Chairs

Here are so many different types of chairs. Adirondack chairs, club chairs, rocking chairs, mid century modern chairs and that is just to name a couple. There is a chair to suit every need and every kind of space, therefore it is best to look at all the various choices you have before settling on one.


A chair and a half is a very helpful piece of furniture, being slightly bigger than a chair and smaller than a loveseat. The width of a seat and half makes it a perfect piece of furniture for lounging. The chair featured here is modern in design, but you can find one in almost any style. It might have a tight back and a tight seat, or have loose cushions for the seat and back. It might also have a tight spine with a loose chair. This sort of chair is versatile and can work in a number of settings, such as a small living room or a bedroom.


Although the wing seat is a very traditional kind of seat, it’s been reinterpreted and given a more modern flavor by most modern designers. Wing back chairs are distinguished by the side panels or “wings” on the back, which initially served the role of shielding from drafts in a space, or excessive heat from the fireplaces. While you barely need them to safeguard you out of drafts, the wings provide a comfortable surface to break the head for taking naps. Candice Olson made this wing chair for Norwalk Furniture, and it’s a rather inviting chair, perfect for lounging or reading.


A chaise is fundamentally a very long seat, one on which you can extend your legs without having to utilize an ottoman. The back is generally in a ssemi-recliningangle, which is the seat you use for relaxing. Chaise longue became chaise lounge in English usage, and that’s what it is usually called when we allude to some long, narrow relaxing chair. As this chair is all about relaxation, you will often find this contour in outdoor furniture. The Sine Chaise by Thayer Coggin displays elegantly fluid lines which invite you to, well, lounge.


A club seat is a cushy, upholstered chair with arms. It has arms and a very low back and is usually upholstered in leather. The expression comes from 19th Century England Gentlemen’s Clubs which had this sort of seats for relaxing. Like many other conventional styles, this one was updated, too. While leather is usually the covering of choice, now club chairs come in fabric, too.


An occasional seat is just that, a seat that’s used sometimes. It is typically an extra chair that’s used when you have guests over. Occasional chairs frequently end up being accent pieces in a space, selected for their decorative value more than anything else.Paula Deen’s The Cameo Back Wood Chair is just such a chair with an eye-catching cloth and an interesting wood finish.


The graceful curves of a klismos chair have ensured its popularity throughout the history of furniture. The klismos chairs were first used by Greeks, but the form has been reinterpreted over the decades. For use in the present modern interiors and exteriors, you’ll find klismos chairs in a variety of materials and coverings including metal, leather and wood.


A slipper chair is an armless upholstered chair with short legs that let it stays closer to the floor. It’s its low elevation that distinguishes it, and also makes it a comfortable choice for many. While initially slipper chairs were used in women’ bedrooms for sitting, or to help when getting dressed, they can be discovered in any room in today’s modern home.