The Gift of Traveling Life

Fun-loving and constantly using a curious character, she discovered her passion in travel after a 3-year remain in New Zealand.

When I was 23, I had been given an chance for an undergrad university instruction in New Zealand. On my website, I will share with you about my adventures and lessons learnt during these 3 decades.
And then, I was to Genting Highlands, Bintan, and many more instances to Johor.

The only matters verified were my University entrance, personnel pick-up in airport and college hall lodging. What I brought with me was contemplate minimum in many people criteria – 1 bag, 1 hand-carry plus a backpack.

Aside from getting a diploma, my first goal would be to really experience New Zealand – the culture, the lifestyle, the individuals, the character, the meals (such as the beers too) – the list continues. Those distinctive experiences there were really once in a lifetime.

The amount of distinctive and memorable adventures in 3 years may practically equate to my 23 decades of residing in Singapore. Living abroad alone educated my liberty and subject, in addition to learning how to become street-smart. In reality, I learnt to view Singapore from a foreigner’s point of view and also genuinely appreciate how blessed and sheltered our Singaporean lifestyle is.

Three years might seem like a very long time, but it flew by so fast. Before I knew it, I have graduated and return to Singapore for at least a year since that time. Therefore, I put up this site mostly to immortalize my cherished New Zealand memories – that the folks I met, the friends I left, and all of the adventures I had.

Travel doctrine

The term ‘philosophy’ sounds all, but really it’s something really easy. Well, after birmanie lac inle  off and on about New Zealand and parts of Australia, trying out different travel fashion and approaches, I think I eventually figure out what’s my traveling doctrine. It could differ with everybody and changes with age and adulthood.

Basically, it could be outlined in 8 easy points:

Must be entertaining for me

Sounds simple? My selection of actions is what’s fun in my view, not what’s termed ‘fun’ for everybody. I believe visiting facial and spa in Rotorua and Hamner Springs were excellent adventures, but others may not believe so. On the flip side, I do not believe bungee jumping or skydiving is enjoyable, so I will not do it, though these are a few of the must-dos in NZ.

Safety and safety first

Even though New Zealand is a safe country with order and law, nevertheless, don’t take it for granted. Folks said that South Auckland is much more harmful, after remaining there for 3 weeks; I could safely state it isn’t correct. Yes, there could be crimes occurring there, but it’s exactly the exact same for everywhere. Additionally it is there where I met some great people and noticed the gorgeous facet of human character.

Travel in relaxation

I’m referring to moving at a comfy pace, staying in accommodation with basic amenities, and having appropriate meals. I love to view and experience at a comfy pace, without hurrying from 1 location to another location, and spending the majority of the time on travel. As for me, I enjoy a suitable mattress with heating facilities during night when the weather is chilly. Eating bread with Nutella and banana for 1 month is unquestionably a no-no; it’s wonderful to have an occasional meal in a café or dinner after every day.

Experience true liberty

In a new nation, you’re just you. The brand new friends and people that you meet won’t judge you from yesteryear. Unless traveling together with parents, there’s absolutely not any one to remind you that you need to eat your greens or go to bed at a specific moment. This is the very best chance to develop your liberty and subject, with many options that includes it.

Be amenable to other civilizations

By way of instance, Kiwis drink lots of beer, and it’s most likely the exact same for many regions of the Earth, except Singapore. I’m not an alcohol-lover, however, I had tried almost all of the beers, along with another alcohol combinations while I had been there. Though I had never drunk into the extent of being wasted, I did grow to like wine. In reality, I drink a glass of Sauvignon Blanc once in a while today, particularly if it’s out of New Zealand.

As for me, I prefer to not know just what to anticipate in a sure location. It’s much better to have an overall idea about what is the location is like, what’s there to perform, find out more once I arrive. Yeah, Auckland is a huge city, that is all I understand before I drove about to explore the town on my own within my 6 weeks.