The Different Brands of False Eyelashes

Bogus eyelashes are becoming more and more popular year on year. Nearly all women will wear subsequently on a night out and some will even wear them on a day-to-day base.

The price of eyelashes varies depending on the brand. MAC eyelashes list for around £11, some people may think this is quite expensive but they are well worth it due to the quality of the eyelashes. Another very popular label of false eyelashes is Eylure. Eylure false eyelashes are available online and on the high street. They usually retail at around £6. 00 but they can be found cheaper online if a person is usually willing to shop around . On the high street the price is usually the same irrespective of where a person goes. Another up and coming brand is Love Eyelashes, they are only available to purchase online. The average price for a set of two Love Lashes is £4, they are a great lash plus the glue that comes with the eyelashes is of great good quality too.

One of the main reasons why women are put off wearing bogus eyelashes is because they find them hard to apply. Applying can require patience and time the quality of the eyelashes and even glue does play a big part as well.

To apply false eyelashes quickly it’s always best to have the tools needed at hand. The key issues needed are a mirror, tweezers, scissors, false eyelashes together with eyelashes glue.

The first thing to do with eyelashes is to check that they can fit the eyelid if they do them keep them as they are or else trim them to size, always taking from the outside.

Once they are happy with the length of the eyelashes its time to apply the glue. They can either apply the glue straight to the back on the eyelashes or place a blob of glue upon the back of their hand and run the eyelashes delete word. Once the glue is applied it is recommended that a person delays around 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, the will stumble through process of applying the eyelashes much easier.

They then want to remain the best false eyelashes on as close to the natural lashes as is possible. Some people like to apply a line of liquid eyeliner on the lid before sticking on the eyelashes to mask just about any gap but that doesn’t have to be done.

Once the eyelashes come in place press them down and then pinch both pieces of lashes together to minimize the gap.