Gynecomastia Surgery – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Having man breasts can lead to you great humiliation and rob you of your own confidence and happy go lucky attitude because you are constantly worried that someone will find your secret and make fun of you personally. Though your buddies are in the shore with their tops off, there you will soon be hanging on for dear life to your t-shirt. Dating may also cause issues. There are many ways about the best way to get rid of gynecomastia or individual boobs that are available to you and one of the very best suggested approaches is with the help of operation.

This affliction is something which many men deal with so this isn’t a rare issue. It is simply not talked about as much because of the humiliation and bitterness that comes with man boobs that could cause many men to conceal this issue from others.

Having breasts is something that is considered a female characteristic and as most men don’t wish to be thought of as anything less than manly, it is understandable why many men hide the fact they are coping with this even when it’s apparent to others that you’re in several cases.

The jokes may only be a lot. Should you embarrassed about getting man boobs and wish to fix this issue and have a chest that is manlier looking, here’s some helpful information regarding the gynecomastia surgical process including the good, the bad and the ugly about the process.

Male Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery in men increased in 2014 by about 14 percent over the previous year so using this procedure to remove this embarrassing issue continues to grow year after year.

True forms of gynecomastia result in the increase in glandular breast tissue that leads to an imbalance at the estrogen/testosterone hormone levels in the body. It’s common for guys to have the female hormone estrogen in their bodies using the male hormone testosterone being dominant, like it’s normal for women to have the male hormone testosterone with all the female hormone estrogen being dominant.

Hormonal imbalance in guys that could result in gynecomastia usually results from estrogen being dominant in the male body which leads to the development of female characteristics such as breast development in men and vice versa when testosterone is the dominant hormone in female tissues.

Hormonal imbalance in men occurs generally during puberty when hormonal action fluctuates but this ought to normalize as teenage boys grow older inducing these breasts to go away. Hormonal imbalance resulting in gynecomastia usually also occurs in elderly guys especially if they’re taking androgen (male hormone) blocking hormones or medications to treat or protect against prostate cancer because male hormones are a element in the development of prostate cancer and reducing male hormones can prevent or cure prostate cancer but it may also lead to problems like man boobs.

Additionally, as men age, testosterone levels might begin to drop which raises the risk of developing gynecomastia. Hormone levels can also be impacted by different factors like excessive alcohol intake, the use of particular drugs, steroids, recreational drug use, etc.. Know more

While hormonal imbalance is the common and truest form of gynecomastia, pseudogynecomastia is an additional type which results from being overweight which leads to the deposit of fat in the breast region resulting in man boobs. Pseudogynecomastia is usually eliminated when weight is brought under control and doesn’t normally require treatment such as surgery. If surgery is needed, it’s typically to eliminate excessive skin from weight reduction.

This isn’t usually a critical medical problem. You just have man breasts along with the tissue is generally benign (non-cancerous).

When using various methods on how to get rid of gynecomastia, it is ideal to begin in the first stages of the illness as the longer you don’t address this issue, the greater chance it could become irreversible.

When the man breasts remain for longer than one year whether or not you are using various breast reduction methods besides operation, it may signify that they are permanent but gynecomastia surgery may still be able to help eliminate these man boobs.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Surgery to reduce male breasts is usually performed with a plastic surgeon since this is more of a cosmetic issue than a health problem. There are two kinds of surgical procedures which might be performed to eliminate gynecomastia.

Liposuction – Liposuction is usually suggested to remove fatty tissue which could help to flatten the chest. Liposuction is usually performed through an incision or incisions made on the areola.

Male breast reduction surgery – This is simply the same at the breast reduction process which is preformed in girls that are burdened with really huge breasts. This process not only removes fat but also connective tissue in addition to excess skin in order to flatten and firm the torso.
These methods are usually the most successful in young men with firm skin and aren’t typically suggested for men who are overweight or overweight who have not given diet and exercise a opportunity to not only bring their weight but to also eliminate moobs.

During your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon you choose, he or she will examine your chest and urge a course of action for flattening your chest. For more get in touch with us