Food Truck! TOP 5 Components You Should Know About Food Business!


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Do you remember that time when you were walking down the street and suddenly felt hungry? Remember that? Luckily, there are always many street food points around to help you. Whenever you are, there is always an opportunity to eat on the go. Every big and small city serves specific food for people on different budget. Thus, in New York you need to take rental cars in JFK International Airport and go to Manhattan. This is a place where popular New York foodies peacefully exist side by side with lux restaurants. By the way, street food business becomes popular in Britain too. So, why don’t you try yourself in it?

If you want to be a part of food industry, you should learn more about this sort of service. The most popular way to start food business is start your food truck. Don’t be afraid! There is one simple rule to follow: you should focus on getting more attention from the millions of clients, despite the hard competition. Don’t think of a taste only, there are also many factors that must be considered. Want to know them?

Hot Dog Truck, NYC


You don’t need pots of money!

If the idea of having your own food truck looks attractive for you, you should start! You don’t need millions! It is enough to buy used but good equipment for your truck. The market price for a new truck with new equipment will cost about £5000. It’s not a high price and low risk business.

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  1. Giveaway Promotions

If you like eating on the street, you probably already know a lot about promotion and giveaways. It is when something is free! In short, this is a kind of promotion when you offer some food for free to your clients. They’ll like it for sure, and if the taste of your food samples is good, they will come back to your truck. This is a popular kind of promotion for restaurants, food stores, cafes. Just be careful! You must be sure that the food you are going to serve for your customers for free will attract their attention and make them come back to your spot. Everything must be perfect: taste, serving, service.

Social Media Contests

Social media plays an important role in developing your food business. Start from a Facebook page and group. You need a good contest, questioning, dish pictures and description. Give people opportunity to share your images and win a prize. Don’t worry! Prize shouldn’t be expensive. It is enough to present a free dinner coupon or something.




Your customers can be your best promotion. They usually come for dinner, take pictures, share these images in the social media, give comments. They also can write something about your food and it will be great for you if their comments will be positive. That’s why your task must be attracting more and more clients to your food spot. Try to provide happy hours, discounts, new variations of traditional dishes. There can be special sales for students, kids, or every third sandwich for free! Be creative and make your business interesting. You may also provide your loyalty card that gives people big sales and additional service. Loyalty program includes searching new clients. Let people do it for you. They can share information about your food in the social media and everywhere and get bonuses for that.



Special Events

It is very important for you to take part in local events. Just check the calendar and define those events in your area that need food. It can be a concert, partied for kids, national holidays and fests. When the date is near, try to book the best place to put your truck with a good area around to attract more people and put the tables and chairs. You can sell your food for higher price today. Why? It’s because people don’t compare prices when they are dancing or hanging with friends. They don’t want to go somewhere to find something cheaper. This is a good chance for you to promote your business.

Street Food - Goguma (sweet potato) fries


High Service& Individual Approach

Speaking about street food we speak about high service. This is the main component part of every business. You need to provide high service to have good relations with your customers. Why? Your polite waiter, clean tables, fresh and tasty food, aromatic coffee, friendly atmosphere, and adequate prices make them come back to your place again. Don’t forget about individual approach. Clients like when the waiter knows what they want beforehand! It makes them feel special.

See, it is not difficult to have a good successful food business. It doesn’t take much money, but much time and skills. Don’t be afraid of learning. There are many training courses for beginners, who want to start. Also, you should educate your staff to create a strong professional team.