Bristol Live Music, Clubbing and Comedy

In terms of entertainment, Bristol has so much to offer, especially in terms connected with live music and clubbing.

Bristol’s live music field is diverse and offers everything from low-key acoustic performances to be able to operas and ear-shattering bands and orchestras. It’s a pretty eclectic mix of live music offerings that has something for all.

The Prom Music and Caf Bar on Gloucester Road is one of Bristol’s established music venues which only seems to be getting more and more popular with each passing year. The very Prom features some of the biggest local and national companies and offers guests a different sound every day of the week, which includes rock, jazz, folk, blues and country music. The main atmosphere is electric and many of the top local artists is available chilling out, especially on weekends.

For alternative audio, the ακρο σαμπανης  on George Street is an excellent selection. There are three things that regularly draw in crowds to this place: live music, real ale and a laid-back ambience. Lately, the Moles Club has also expanded its alcoholic choices and now serves a wide and excellent selection of beers, lagers and spirits. It also has a heavy-duty, seven-kilowatt, state of the art speakers.

The best tribute bands in the city as well as some dwell alternative and acoustic acts can be found at the Fleece in addition to Firkin on St. Thomas Street, a prime venue regarding boozing and schmoozing. Fiddlers in Bedminster has survive entertainment along a similar vein, much like the other Fiddlers discos that are scattered all over the UK. Fiddlers also hosts the most effective bands from the local indie scene.

One of the premier event places in Bristol is the Bierkeller on All Team Street and it boasts of its very own “oompah band”. The scene here can get pretty wild and uninhibited. The standard rounds of leg kicking and table dancing constantly elevate the fun factor a notch or two higher.

Alternatively, if your taste in music runs towards the more sedate, the ideal venue for you is the Bristol Concert Orchestra, the greatest community orchestra group in the city. They specialize in jazz music, classical and modern shows. You can catch any of their particular regular concerts at St Georges Church and at E Alban’s Church in Westbury.

Meanwhile, if your dancing foot are beginning to itch, it might be time for some hard clubbing. There are many exciting venues at the city centre that will offer you what you desire.

The Cooler on Park Street has anything special going on almost every night, depending on which band is in the house. Giant Robot puts on a killer show with rave and dance music while Klub Kute keeps sway every Saturday with the best in British and Us indie. The Cooler also has a popular gay night while Wonky is onstage.

The award-winning Elbow Room on Area Street is famous for its stable of superstar DJs plus rising young talents. Here, you can simply relax and calm down or shoot some pool. The Elbow Room also will serve some of the heartiest meals in the city centre.

If fashionable is your thing, Fuchsia on Nelson Street is the location to visit and it’s where the city’s beautiful people congregate. Fuchsia is a bar, lounge, restaurant and club all thrown into one, and it’s one of the most elegant venues in the city middle. Clubbers here are dressed to the nines in their sexiest outfits as they enjoy a night of soul, hip hop and R’n’B.