Blue Whale – the risky game ever

As we all know Blue Whale is talk of the town in current scenario. This is nothing but the most interesting game which is highly played by many people all over the world. It is to be noted that the people of various age group have been attracted towards this game. And the other important aspect is this game is not only interesting but they are also riskier in real time. The most unfortunate thing is many people have lost their lives because of the risky challenges in this game. Especially the final task of this game is considered to be more dangerous that many people have committed suicide in order to complete the task.


This interesting and dangerous game was invented by a psychology student who was just 22 years old. Philip Budeikin is the developer of this game who is also responsible for the serious impacts of this game. This person is also been arrested for the cause of inventing the most dangerous game which has let the life of teens into great risk. Especially the impacts of this game were considered to be higher among the people who have great stress and depression in their personal life. Even though Philip has been arrested for developing such dangerous internet game, it is still popular around interest and many people are still downloading the game.

Blue Whale – the risky game ever

Reported cases

Around the world more number of people from many different countries has lost their lives because of facing the challenges involved in this game. Especially the teenagers were highly influenced by this game when compared to the people of other age group. The people who already have physiological problem will get severely affected and will be easily influenced towards suicide. This is because this game can easily affect the mental health of a person.


It is the duty and responsibility of every parent to protect their children from this harmful game. They must keenly watch their kid while they are playing games in online. They can make use of the security locks in order to avoid the game download. In case, if they have pointed out that their children have already started playing the game, the children should be immediately taken to the concern of mental health expert. Starting treatment in the early stage can prevent their children from getting into very great risk.